Do you use any of the following Apple products: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro or Mac Mini? We need to know how many of you are out there so we can plan our classes and discussion groups accordingly. Would you please fill out the VERY QUICK survey form by clicking here. Thank you so much.


The RASCAL Board of Directors would like to encourage all members to make a donation to the Josephine County Food Bank. You can donate in two ways. First bring your canned or dry food items to our weekly meeting and drop them in the donation basket as you enter. Or, even better, make a cash donation to the Food Bank. Each dollar you give provides 5 pounds of food. The Food Bank distributes food to low and no income individuals and families in communities all over Josephine County. All money donated stays here in Josephine County. So, please go ahead and make that cash donation now! Just click here.

“Ron’s Ramblings #9”

Ron shares more information about computer safety including antivirus programs, unsubscribing to unwanted email and what the big tech companies really know about us. Check it out in Ron’s Ramblings #9 by clicking here.
If you would like to see the whole collection of Ron’s contributions click here.

RASCAL was formed in 1990, and now has over 500 senior members. The purpose of the organization is to assist seniors (50+) in learning how to use computers and other technology related devices. Our motto is “Seniors Helping Seniors”. General membership meetings are held every Tuesday, starting at 9:30am, in the Floral Building at the Josephine County Fairgrounds, in Grants Pass, OR. See the box to the right for current meeting speakers and topics.

Our principal activities are weekly meetings, classes and discussion groups. We also have an annual picnic and Christmas luncheon.

Classes are held at the Small Business Development Center, at 4th and “H” Sts., in Grants Pass, OR. See the About Class Registration page to learn how to sign up. Also, checkout the Class Calendar to see what is currently being offered.