Need Help?


A list of volunteers is available here Dial-a-Helper. They have agreed to help with computer problems. Call or email them and an attempt will be made to solve your problem. If that isn’t enough, some of those listed will make house-calls at a very modest rate.


“Ask Me” Tables

Need computer questions answered? This is a place where beginners may go to get answers for their computer questions. Tables are set up at various locations in the meeting room for General Microsoft, Apple and Android. You will see a bright sign above each table designating which area of help is available. “Ask Me” tables are only available prior to each meeting and during break time.


News Dispatch

The RASCAL’s News Dispatch is sent to every member who has an email address, unless your ISP will not allow bulk mailing. The News Dispatch contains helpful information about upcoming presentations, events, and when the electronic version of the newsletter is ready. If you change your email address be sure to notify Membership to continue to receive the News Dispatch.


User Forum

RASCAL now hosts a new user forum. This forum is available to any member and allows registered users to post questions regarding issues they are having with either their hardware or software. Other members are welcome to post suggested solutions to the initial question. If someone answers a question you’ve posted you will receive an email notifying you of a potential answer.

Give it a try now! RASCAL Forum