Class Descriptions

The amount of instruction RASCAL is able to provide is directly related to the number of volunteers willing to instruct.

RASCAL volunteers offer instruction in three different ways.

  • During the weekly Tuesday meetings at the Josephine County Fairgrounds in the Floral building there are presentations on General topics during the first hour of the meeting and presentations on Beginner (or Novice) topics during the second hour.
  • Formal classes are held in the Small Business Development Center on the corner of 4th Street and H Street downtown.
  • Discussion groups are held once a month for each of the three different operating systems; Windows, Apple and Android.

Small Business Development Center
Windows based classes are generally held in the upstairs lab which is equipped with Desktop PCs. Students are free to bring their own laptop computers to these classes if they wish to become more familiar with their own equipment. The fee for these classes is typically $12.

iPad / iPhone classes are generally held downstairs in a classroom without equipment since students are encouraged to bring their own iPad and/or iPhone. The fee for these classes is typically $7.

Class Descriptions
Some classes are not dependent on the operating system on your computer, but most are. Classes are organized by the operating systems for your computer.  RASCAL offers classes for Windows and some software programs that operate on Windows.  RASCAL also offers classes for Apple software.  RASCAL does not currently offer classes for Android software.

General Classes include:

  • Facebook
  • File Management
  • G-mail
  • Starting DNA (Ancestry)

Windows Classes Include:

Apple Classes Include:

Android Classes Include: