Must be 50 or older to join.
Couples: one person must be 50 or older and reside at same address.
This form will allow you to complete an Individual or Couple application.
After completeing the form you have several options:

1. Click the "Submit & Pay" button. Your information is sent to RASCAL and your are redirected to PayPal to complete your dues payment (you do not have to have a PayPal account).

2. Use the print function of your browser and print the form out. Mail the form along with your check to:

RASCAL Computer Club
214 SW 4th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

3. Use the print function of your browser, print the form, and take it to the next RASCAL meeting.

RASCAL is an entirely volunteer orgnization. Would you consider volunteering ?

One of RASCAL objectives is to teach classes about how to use computers and the software programs on them. In order to do that, we would like to know your expereince using a computer, tablet or smartphone and the software on them.


You may use the print function on your browser to print this form out and either mail it with a check to RASCAL, or print it and take it to the next meeting.

If you use the "Submit & Pay" button please only click ONE time. After about 10 seconds you will receive a summary of charges and a button to continue to the PayPal website.